SkinSoul - Come Home To Yourself

To Shoppers at Mid Valley Megamall , Kuala Lumpur, you have another reason to rejoice as SkinSoul Switzerland (SkinSoul) re-opens this month with a brand-new look and added facial treatment services to the boutique. Customers now have an alternative location to choose from in addition to Ampang.

About SkinSoul

Founded in 2014, SkinSoul is the only skincare and cosmetic brand that uses pure Swiss glacier water, organic Ashitaba extracts and natural ingredients in its products. Created to be kind to the most sensitive of skin, SkinSoul believes in the regenerative powers of nature to restore the soul of one’s skin.

Organic Ashitaba

Ashitaba, aka “tomorrow’s leaf” is a botanical herb native to Japan. This herb has been widely used for many health purposes and it also has significant evidence to induce autophagy process to promote regeneration in your body.

In a recent study published on Nature Research Journal, scientists found the naturally occurring compound—4,4-dimenthoxychalcone (DMC) in Ashitaba is able to activate the process autophagy. Ashitaba is also found to have no apparent side effects, skin irritation or toxicity and it is suggested to be safe to use as cosmetic ingredients.

SkinSoul Products & Services Range include

  • SkinSoul’s swiss-formulated skincare range enriched with the regenerative properties of Ashitaba. Interestingly, they only have ONE skincare range that is suggested to be suitable for ALL Skin Types as the products “adapt” according to your skin types.

  • All-natural makeup products. PS* their star product: lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E and it’s very moisturizing.

  • Treatment services from facial, body rejuvenation to waxing.

  • You may visit their website for more detailed information include their pricing.

Here’s a chance for you to experience their signature facial treatment!

The celebration continues till 31 July 2019. Shoppers can still participate in the sure-win lucky draw and enjoy complimentary facial treatments worth RM600 each. No purchase required.

Check out this link SkinSoul Switzerland for registration details.

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SkinSoul Switzerland Boutique Location and Opening Hours

LG-077, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: +603 2201 9299

Opening hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm



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